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Art Exhibition | School of Fine Arts | IAS Kiran Soni Gupta | Jawahar Kala Kendra
All Sessions, Speakers Report of Talk Journalism in Jaipur by Swastika Shruti
Annual Sports Day of Nims International School - Top CBSE School in Jaipur
Constitution Day of India celebrated at NIMS School of Law | Nims Univer...
Global Hand Washing Day - Nims Nursing College | Nims Hospital Jaipur
Social Gathering of Nims Family in Khole Ke Hanuman JI Temple, Jaipur | ...
PM Modi Launches FIT India Movement - NIMS International School, Jaipur
National Moot Court Competition - Nims University
Get ready! It's coming soon! - Action, Feelings, Drama | Nims University
Beautiful Art Exhibition | School of Fine Arts | DIY Paper Crafts
Friedley Cricket Competition | NIMS University | Pallavi Tomar Mishra
Dr. Kamla Chauhan Library | NIMS University | Pallavi Mishra | Juhi Tomar
Campus Princess 2019 - NIMS University
Campus Princess 2019 Jaipur - Nims University
Anti Ragging Seminar - Nims University
Medhavi - The Toppers Club - Nims University Rajasthan