Global Hand Washing Day - Nims Nursing College | Nims Hospital Jaipur

Nims Nursing College & Nims Hospital celebrated Global Hand Washing Day, 15 Oct, 2019 .The Theme of the day this year was Clean Hand for all. Dr B.R.Meena, Pro Vice Chancellor & Dr Vinay Chouhan, Professor, Orthopedics explained the importance of hand washing in prevention of cross infection among the patient admitted in the hospital and instructed everyone to compliance hand hygiene policy of the hospital. Nursing students and Nursing faculty of hospital conducted various activities in this programme including awareness rally, poster exhibition, and skits to spread the knowledge on steps of hand washing and it’s importance in prevention of infection for Nims school children as well as for patient,and their relatives attending Nims hospital OPD. In the seminar,a lecture on hand washing, hand Hygiene practice policy in Nims Hospital and efforts to compliance to it was given by Dr Nema Ram,Professor & Principal,Nims Nursing College.Mr.Deepak Gupta,CNS,also expressed his vies on importance of hand washing. School children and patient attenders were distributed soap in view to spread message of global hand washing day.The some of the glimpses of the programme.

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