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Life at Nims - Nims University Rajasthan

At Nims University, we believe that the quality of campus upkeep reflects the quality of education In keeping with its strong pro-green tradition, Nims University has a large garden of medicinal and fragrant herbs. Interested students are provided with tutorials on the various properties of these herbs, as well as given the opportunity to participate in maintaining and growing these herbs. and development provided to students. As a result, no effort is spared in ensuring that the sprawling 60 acres campus is kept clean, green and becoming of our lofty educational standards. At Nims University, we have a strict no-tolerance policy towards littering, chewing tobacco, smoking, drinking and unnecessary usage of plastic and paper. The student body is the most active stakeholder in this mission, with several student initiatives and clubs addressing these issues, which hold great importance in the quality of campus life.
Nims University offers elaborate banking services within the campus premises. There is fully functional IDBI bank in the University campus.
Apart from regular banking services to the students and the employees of the University this bank provides ATM facility to facilitate access to bank accounts for round the clock cash withdrawals. For the convenience of the students and staff and to save their valuable time, the University has facility of ATM of SBI. In addition, the banks also provide educational loans to students.
Postal service
A full-fledged post office has been opened at the University campus by the postal department to cater to all relevant needs of students and staff like Mail, Parcel, Speed post, Money transfer, Banking Services

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