Prof. Dr. Balvir S. Tomar at headquarter of Border Security Force in Jaipur | 21 October 2015

Prof. Dr. Balvir S. Tomar; Chairperson and Chancellor of Nims University Rajasthan, paid homage to the families of martyrs at an event organized by Border Security Force to celebrate the completion of their 50 years. The event was held at the headquarters of Border Security Force in Jaipur on 21st October 2015. It was grace by the presence of, Nims Chaiman; Dr. Balvir Singh Tomar as the chief guest and Deputy Inspector General PSO shri N.K.Gurjar.
Recounting the sacrifice made by a soldier for the sake of nation, Prof. Dr. Balvir S. Tomar felicitated their families as a mark of respect and honor. He said that it is our prime duty to safeguard our motherland. Each individual contributes something as far as the defense of the country is concerned. However the role played by a soldier in defending and protecting country is unmatched.

A soldier sacrifices his everything in serving the country and ensuring its stability and security. He is undeterred with his courage and stands valiantly before the enemy forces. He values his duty for the defense of the country above everything. They risk their lives selflessly, entering the jaws of death for the safety of the nation .There cannot be a more noble and dignified sacrifice than this. With their exemplary courage and bravery, soldiers set examples for the youth of a nation. What they do for a country cannot be measures and repaid.
Dr. Tomar further saluted the saluted the courage and audacity of their families to dedicate their loved ones for the service of the nation. He congratulated the Border Secturity Force for the completion of its 50 years. He appreciated the initiative by Border Security Force to acknowledge the noble and selfless deeds of the martyrs and felicitating their families.

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