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Nims Institute of Management & Computer Science

The Institute offers a bouquet of undergraduate, Post Graduate, M.Phil. & Ph.D. Programs in different flavours of Management like core management, Human Resource, Economic, Finance and Marketing as well as challenging areas of Energy, Supply Chain and Retail Management. Industry requirements are met by adopting a need based syllabus and pedagogy involving case based teaching, industrial projects, guest lectures by eminent experts and industrial visits. Students and faculty benefit alike from heavy engagement of industry experts in various activities of the institute.The institute of Management is committed to groom the young generation with appropriate skills in emerging technology. It has been our constant endeavor to mould our students not merely as management professionals but also successful entrepreneurs equipped with acumen and vision in tune with challenges presented by the new millennium.

The institute of Management Studies strive to create leaders and entrepreneurs. We in India need to nurture young people with leadership quality. It is very important to nurture talent, enthusiasm and leadership among them. It is only this generation, which would help India to become economic superpower in the 21st century.We build team spirit, this would strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual as well as collective achievement, so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavor. We also strive to develop communication skills of the students. We welcome those who aspire to be tomorrow’s managers and entrepreneurs.

Department of Management

The Management programmes are highly specialized course emphasizing on Services, business strategies and techniques in the global environment. Program offers student the opportunity to take the required course work at NIMS University, Jaipur. NIMS – Institute of Management during the two year four semester course.

Through education,research and service activities, the institute is to enhance the effectiveness of services by improving the administration of all service organizations.

The institute promotes the exchange and sharing of research findings and the development of collaborative research activities with faculty in other departments of the University.

Library: The Institute library isthe hub of knowledge with more than 9000 books are conveniently assessable for the students and staff of Nims IM&CS. Library includes Main reading area, separate reading area reference section.

Reading Room – The library has one large reading room at Second floor.  Additional reading room facilities are also available in the textbook and reference book sections.

Major International Journals & Periodicals: The Institute has 20prescribed National and International journals for research activity. The Library also has a separate Internet section consisting of a number of networked terminals for providing recent and most comprehensive access to e-journals and other e-reference resources to the faculty, students and staff.

Digital Library Section -The Institutelibrary even has digital library section where the teaching faculty/ students/ research scholars can access the online and offline electronic resources.

Text Books – A student is allowed to borrow three textbook for 15 day (applicable to working days).
Photocopying Facility-TheInstitutehas One photocopying machines to cater to the requirements of Students and Faculty.

Intercalative classroom – TheInstitute has high-tech interactive classrooms with modern facilities for teaching.

Computer Lab–The Institute has most modern high-tech computer Lab with internetfacility for teaching and research activity.

Internet Facilities–Institute is fully networked with a campus wide network interconnecting all departments and sections in to a single LAN. The network is having a fiber backbone. A leased line Internet connection is being catered across the campus. Internet facility is available for staff & students 24 hrs. Campus is fully Wi-Fi with high Speed internet connection.
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